I Must Pray

So often I am reminded of how helpless I am. As a guy (Type A) I very much want to influence positive change in the lives of people, situations and organizations. But occasionally God will allow circumstances to mount around me that I am powerless to control. Today I received news of a friend of mine whose marriage is really struggling. Daily I am reminded that I am a Pastor who oversees 100’s of souls and I deeply want to present them complete to Christ. Yet, I cannot make decisions for a single soul except my own. On top of all of this, I am quite aware of the presence of the evil one and hoards of demons who want to see the reputation of Christ destroyed.


Prayer is my battlefield, scripture is my only weapon, and faith is my only protection. At times I feel compelled to pray as one feels compelled to breathe after several seconds under water. Those prayers are sent up like arrows. They flame with passion and the fall upon the enemy’s head with power.


I do not like these battles in prayer. I much prefer to walk slowly with my God and discuss His greatness and request His blessing upon any number of ordinary tasks. Yet He will not allow me long rest this side of eternity. I must fight, or die in the flood of chaos that accompanies sin and rebellion within and without. I must pray.