Athens Day 2

IMG_5075cWe began the day by traveling to the ancient city of Corinth where Paul spent 1.5 years making and selling tents to finance his missionary journeys. It was in Corinth that Paul was tried for teaching, “a new way of worshipping God“. Archeologists have unearthed the remains of the original Behma where Paul stood before his accusers.

As we walked through the city museum and saw the various statues of the Corinthians dressed in long flowing robes with various types of jewelry it was easy to think of them as very noble. However we were reminded as we thought through the biblical account that Corinth was a city known for its immorality. This was a good reminder that the outer depiction doesn’t always reveal the heart.

From Corinth we returned to Athens and gathered on Mars Hill for a night of teaching with Pastor Mark Driscoll. Pastor Mark taught on Paul’s time in Athens and pointed out that Paul followed the Go-See-Feel-Do paradigm that Jesus had left as an example. Athens was actually a furlough for Paul, but after seeing the vast idol worship in the cityIMG_5113 he was compelled to make Jesus Christ known to the Athenians. Beginning in the marketplace and ultimately arrived at Mars Hill to be heard by some 30 Judges who would discern the validity of his teaching. By the end of Paul’s testimony it was the Judges who were on trial, along with all of Athens.