Planning Your Preaching Calendar – Part 2

Here are the basic steps I follow when planning my preaching calendar:

  1. Develop a spreadsheet. I’ve attached a copy of my personal preaching calendar that you may use as an example. Basically I set mine up to show 52 Sundays and their corresponding Wednesdays.
  2. Add key holidays, vacations, special services, revivals, etc.
  3. Add community, denominational and school events such as Spring Break. This helps you recognize when attendance will be lower or higher. You will not want to preach key sermons on low Sundays.
  4. Consider the different types of literature or topics you will be preaching and scatter them appropriately throughout the year.
  5. Consider whether you will preach a special series around certain holidays such as Christmas or Easter.
  6. Launch new series when you have natural high attendance. This will give your visitors a reason to return and stay the course.
  7. Meet with the rest of your team and work week by week through the calendar so that you can recognize how your plan fits against departmental events such as Vacation Bible School, D-Now, Etc.
  8. Modify your plan with the new information you have received.
  9. By this point you will recognize times when you will need guest preachers, worship leaders, etc. Go ahead and schedule your special guest so that you don’t wait to late.
  10. Rest well, knowing that you have a plan.