Tech tools for Ministry and Personal Growth

I sat down today with our staff at Capshaw and shared some of the tools I use in ministry. I thought some of you might find it helpful as well.

Time is a limited resource and it should be used effectively. Logos Bible Software has been a great source to help me to redeem the time that I manage. From my experience I would recommend that you purchase a less robust version of the software and build it to your specifications. For example I have the Silver version and I have added on the commentaries, word studies, etc. that I have found the most helpful.

Google Calendar can be helpful in a number of ways. You can allow others to view or modify the calendar, you can manage multiple calendars in one place. You can set up calendars for various ministries. All free of charge.

The Franklin Covey system is one of the best time management tools available. Adding it on to Outlook made it possible for me to not only manage my time, but to make sure that my priorities delegated how my time was spent.

Facebook is very simply the new email for many people. It is a personal way to keep connected to the lives of your people and to give them access to your own. You can develop pages for your particular ministry that your people may join. It can serve as a rallying point of ministry throughout the week. Be sure to look up the Capshaw Baptist group on Facebook and join even if you aren’t a member to see how we use it to lead the Church.

Every sermon I preach is uploaded to our Maximum Life podcast. I didn’t realize the impact it was having until it went down for a couple of weeks and the response was overwhelming.       It’s the least expensive ministry with the largest response available.

A good ipod can be a great resource for personal growth. I carry mine everywhere I go listening to a variety of solid preachers.

With a good blackberry you can begin texting your congregation, sending out group texts to people on your staff or in your ministry as well as connecting with Facebook and twitter and updating from the road.

Blogging allows you to extend your ministry to impact the lives of others. It also allows you to capture your thoughts. If no one reads the blog the habit of recording what you are learning is invaluable.

Twitter is a great for to that let you say what you want 140 characters or less. With a social media management site like you can manage your twitter and facebook profile. I find it help to tweet what God shows me in my quite time in the morning and schedule the tweets throughout the day. I can also add to it as something helpful comes along.