How Can a Dad Lead His Family at Christmas?

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I am of the firm conviction that the father (when present) is the Pastor/Teacher/Shepherd of the home. One of the things that we Pastors must do is leverage opportunities to teach our people and further the cause of the Gospel. Holidays are a great opportunities to capture that momentum. With Christmas approaching here are a few ideas for Dads consider.


  • Lead in making memories – Consider what your family will be a part of that they will not soon forget. Include a few traditions as well as a few new experiences. We always attend our Church’s Christmas Eve service and eat Chinese afterwards with friends from Church. We do the walk or drive through at our local Botanical garden’s galaxy of lights.
  • Recognize God’s Providential Hand and roll with it – Last year our electricity went out a couple of nights before Christmas. We lit every candle in the house and read the Christmas story together. Last week our oldest daughter said, “I hope the electricity goes out again this year”. It was one of those moments you can’t easily recreate – but you have to be ready when they arrive. Don’t get crazy when things don’t go according to plan, recognize God may have other plans.
  • Remember to give – Dad you take the lead in making sure your family does not forget the less fortunate this season. We always participate in the Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox gifts through our Church. We give at the Salvation Army and St. Jude drives. We also try to give generously to missions through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering at Capshaw. Remember that some people need more than money, they need friendship, love, time. Consider people who might need to be invited to join you for your celebrations.
  • Budget well – Christmas is a time when we many tend to go into debt. And it will take months to dig out. Dad, take the lead and make sure you family is prepared for an enjoyable Christmas. Draw lines when necessary but make it fun.
  • Help Mom – Keep in mind that our wives are carrying a heavy load of stress this season. Help to keep the home looking nice, help with the kids. Use paper plates and cut down on the washing during this season.
  • Connect with extended family – Make every effort to reconnect with extended family during this season. Call your siblings, cousins, grandparents often.
  • Keep the focus on Christ – Remember that scripture never tells us to remember the birth of Christ, but we are commanded to regularly remember His atoning death. Dad, this is your responsibility in the home as it is mine in the church. You initiate the conversation about the person and work of Jesus Christ throughout the year but especially this season.


These are a few ideas. Perhaps you can add a few as well. Feel free to leave them as comments!