God Works in Mysterious Ways

Most of the time we never know the mysterious ways God is causing all things to work together for good (Rom. 8:28). Occasionally, God will lift the veil and give us a glimpse in order to remind us that He is always up to something. Today my small group leader, Tyler Carter arranged for our class to help provide a Christmas party for a local homeless shelter. It was a joy and a privilege to practically show the Gospel to the children of those who partake in the shelter’s services.

One 12-year-old young man at our table was named, Nigei. He was very bright and articulate. He had plans to practice dentistry when he grows up. I committed to be his first patient if he opens a practice in our area. We talked about the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus and the events that surrounded the nativity. From there we talked about the death of Christ and the full meaning of the Gospel. It was a story he was quite familiar with from the ministry at the mission and the church his family had been attending.

Recounting these things and encouraging Nigie in the Gospel seemed like a worthy investment in and of themselves. But it wasn’t long until a lady from channel 31 News tapped Nigie on the shoulder and asked him if she could interview him for the evening news. He agreed as she proceeded to set up the camera.

Her first question was a simple, “Are you having fun?” Nigie smiled and replied, “yes”. Her follow-up opened an incredible door, “What is this all about?”, to which Nigie boldly replied, “This is about God sending Jesus to be born and die on the cross for our sins!”

The gravity of what he had just done did not register with Nigie. This 12-year-old boy in a homeless shelter was able to declare the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ to the entire Tennessee Valley. I could hardly choke back the tears of joy. This young man preached in a moment to more people than will gather at my church on Sunday morning.

It was as if God was allowing me to see that no conversation is insignificant. No person is unimportant. And you never know what part you will play in the grand narrative of His story unfolding all around us.

Keep the Gospel in front of people, you never know when they will be catapulted into the spotlight.