Our Spiritual Battlefield

Since childhood I have enjoyed perusing Army Surplus stores. What guy couldn’t use an extra roll of camouflage tape, ammo boxes, or a few extra MRE’s (meals ready to eat). I vividly remember the day I discovered that my local surplus store had a copy of the Army’s basic survival guide. After reading that book my confidence soared. I was now equipped to turn my pants into a parachute in the event that I needed to jump out of an airplane, I knew which plants were edible on desert islands, I was ready to face life as a fully competent 11 year old. By the way, I recently bought my son his own copy – he finds it equally as useful.

This year I have walked with Christ for 18 years (I’m 36 years old). I have realized that the Christian experience can be described in a variety of ways. But one of the most frequently used analogies for the Christian life in scripture is that of warfare. The world is our battlefield and we are engaged in a conflict with spiritual enemies who have as their mission the destruction of our testimony, influence, ministry, family, even our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Basic Survival Guide for Christians? Something that could identify our enemy, expose his tactics, equip us with weaponry, and enable to gain our bearings? That is what I sought to provide when I sat down to write “Our Spiritual Battlefield”.
In this book I tried to compile everything I have learned over 18 years of walking with Christ and battling the enemy so that it could be provided to you in a straightforward concise way. “Our Spiritual Battlefield” is available in paperback on Amazon.com for the price of $9.45. Order you copy today!