5 Keys to Making the Most of Time with Leaders

If you want to make a great impact with your life – take advantage of time with others who are making a great impact with their lives. Each year at Capshaw we host our Global Impact Conference. During this week we intentionally bring in men and women who are making a MAJOR impact around the world. I value time with these leaders for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that time with them always changes me for the better. Here are a few things I have learned to do when I am around great leaders.

  1. Listen closely – Many of the people that we bring in for GIC of nationals from other countries. Sometimes the language or cultural bearer can make it difficult to listen passively. You must engage and work with them in order to communicate. This causes us to share the burden of communication. No longer is it just their job to communicate well, but we are working with them to receive the information.
  2. Write things down – The poorest ink is better than the best memory. Capture the thought with the spear of a pen.
  3. Survey the Landscape of Accomplishment – Great Christian Leaders are notoriously humble and they will rarely tell you of the magnitude of their work. You have to pull it out of them. When they tell you that they invest in a group of 20 pastors, you do the math and realize that those 20 pastors oversee over 100 souls a piece. Then consider the impact of this one leader.
  4. Ask Questions – Learn to ask good questions and discover the principles that the leader values.
  5. Translate to your Life – Do the difficult work of, “thinking” and ask yourself what your life and ministry would look like if you followed this leader’s example.
  6. Show your Appreciation – Whether it is a gift, buying a lunch, or writing a note, communicate to the leader how much you value the investment made into your life.

Here are a few links to the ministries we were able to host in 2012:

Edgar Sathuluri -http://www.nativeministriesindia.org

Tim Brister – timmybrister.com

Harold Peasley – http://www.multiministries.co.za

David Nasser – www.davidnasser.com

Lynn and Angie Waggoner – gapky.org

Edwin Hodges – elhm.org

Steve Sellers – alabamachild.org

Nathan and Lorraine Graves – eopeace.org