Recommended Reading on Planting Missional Churches

We have been challenged this week to take a second look at how we do church corporately and life individually. It seems the overwhelming message that God is speaking to Capshaw through this year’s Global Impact Conference is that we must exist as a missional church if we hope to plant the healthiest  churches, send out the most effective missionaries, and do our part to fulfill the Great Commission locally and internationally. I believe that this conference was just the beginning of something that will permeate our lives in the years to come. We’ve just begun to learn.

At our breakout for Church Planting, Tim Brister recommended five books:

For those of you who are serious about embracing a missional lifestyle, let me encourage you to join me in reading these books in the days ahead and make plans to attend the PLNTD National Conference (Nashville) – Nov. 2-3,2012.