Pray and Obey – Breakthrough Living

A dear friend of mine shared the truth of this week’s passage at a pivotal moment in my life. It reminded me of the importance of slowing down, listening, and following the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit in the big as well as the little issues of life. As you look through the notes and listen to the audio sermon, consider these questions:

  1. Why do you think that we have a tendency to proceed as usual rather than pray through our decisions?
  2. It might be helpful to spend time discussing how to “discern” the voice of God and to distinguish it from random feelings.
  3. We as believers can develop spiritual ear wax. What are some of the things that we do that hinder our ability to enjoy unbroken communion with God?
  4. Perhaps it would be helpful to have some of your class members share experiences when they believe they were led by God or sensed God speaking to them.
  5. Watch this video by Dr. Charles Stanley and consider its implications –
  6. From what we know of God’s character, do you believe God will continue to speak if we refuse to obey?
  7. Consider walking your class through the basic parts of a “quiet time” with God. You may even consider literally having a quiet time out loud before your class. This can yield remarkable results.