The Power of Partnership

Saint George Preca has been likened as a succe...

Saint George Preca has been likened as a successor to Saint Paul’s evangelical work on the island of Malta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andrew Carnegie once said, “It is a big step in a man’s development when he realizes that other men can help him do a better job than he can do alone.” Paul seemed to understand the truth of that statement. In the final chapter of Colossians Paul does a roll call of his fellow workmen. He mentions:

  • Tychicus – who will deliver the letter to the church at Colossae and give a full update of Paul’s ministry.
  • Onesimus – who will accompany Tychicus on his journey.
  • Aristarchus – was imprisoned with Paul and was his confidant.
  • Mark – who may also travel to Colossae
  • Justus – a converted Pharisee who encouraged Paul.
  • Epapharus – who belonged to the church at Colossae and may have delivered their letter to Paul.
  • Luke – no doubt served as Paul’s physician as well as interviewed Paul for his Gospel and the book of Acts.
  • Demas – Served alongside Luke.

The story is told of a horse-pull in Canada. One horse pulled 9,000 pounds, another 8,000. Together you would expect them to pull 17,000 pounds. Not so! When teamed together, they pulled 30,000 pounds. The principle is called synergism – the simultaneous action of separate agents working together has a greater total effect than the sum of their individual efforts.

When God called Paul with such an incredible mission, He also called this troop of volunteers without whom, we would not know of Paul. Who are you partnering with to accomplish your calling? Who are you willing to selflessly serve for God’s grand purpose?