Trading Financial Capital for Influence Capital

For some time now – every sermon I preach has been available for download free of charge through the Maximum Life Podcast. Since my church has enabled me to give this material away and absorbed the financial cost of content servers, domain names, and technical expertise I have been able to provide our sermon content to people all over the world. I receive emails and messages regularly from people influenced by our podcast that I may never meet in person this side of eternity.

It has proved to be a good decision to trade financial capital for the capital of influence. I am now looking to take that decision one step further. Since my home church provides generously and adequately for my family, I am making myself available for live events at no charge.

My only requirements are:

  • The event happens at a time that does not excessively tax my family or local church ministry.
  • The cost of adequate travel and lodging is covered by the inviting organization.

The fact is, I love to teach God’s Word and I believe God has gifted me to do so. I want to use that gift to the fullest while I am able. If you would like to have me speak at your church or organization please fill out the Event Request Form. We will contact you to soon to see if I am able to accommodate your request.