Grace and Truth

Tomorrow I will stand before my church and preach a sermon I’ve been praying God would allow me to preach for over 2 years. It was then (2.5 years ago) that I with a broken heart taught them how scripture requires us to deal with unrepentant sin in the life of a staff member. That same day I began praying for the day when I would be able to stand before the congregation with that same (former) staff member as he confesses his sin, proclaims his repentance and asks for forgiveness. Tomorrow, it seems God is going to answer that prayer. NOTHING brings revival to a church more than repentance. My advice – don’t miss tomorrow’s service at Capshaw for the world, you may not live long enough to see this again. If you don’t attend Capshaw please pray for us as we do our best to show the world that grace and truth are real.