2015 Family Retreat – Biblical Parenting


I would like to invite you to join us for this year’s Gulf Coast Family Retreat in Laguna Beach, FL,  as we dig deeper on the topic of Biblical Parenting.

  • Total cost is $400 cost includes 1 room for 3 nights and 8 meals.
  • $100 Deposit due at sign up.
  • I will lead a morning and night session on parenting related matters
  • There will be age based sessions for children and students
  • We will be planning fun activities for the afternoon slots for those that want organized time or you can strike out on your on if you like
  • The room includes at least two full beds and two bunk beds so a large family can share a room (only one bath though)
  • Additional nights can be purchased as a reasonable rate for those wanting to stay extra time.

To sign up call 256.232.7763 or email info@capshaw.org