One Word Can Change Everything

I wish I had a photo of the moment. That moment when I knelt down on one knee, opened a little box with a ring in it and asked Julie Bearden if she would marry me. What did my face look like? I can only imagine…. hope, fear, love, all in one expression. Then she said it, “YES!” that one word changed everything for me.

When I look around at the life God has given me with three wonderful kids, a career I love, an awesome marriage… and just to think it all happened because of one word, “yes”.

I don’t know where you are at in your journey of faith, but I hope you live this day with the realization that everything can change because of one word.

You are one word away from your destiny.

Hang in there – stay positive and optimistic, because maybe, just maybe, this will be the day that you will hear the, “yes” that will change everything.