Parenting – Speed boats versus Ocean Liners

It is so easy with our fast paced lives to get sidetracked on to the unimportant aspects of life. Even for a Pastor I find myself forgetting to invest spiritually in my kids from time to time. There is always the tyranny of the urgent.


On a regular basis I am reminded how short life is and the fact that this is not a dress rehearsal. Someone said, “Life is short, will soon be past, only what is done for Christ will last”. Life most defiantly is short. But far shorter than life is our influence over our children. When they are babies your influence is enormous, but with each passing year your ability to shape them diminishes. That is why it is so important that we keep our minds in the game. We must not become passive parents.


If you are like me and you still have little ones running around your house. In Jesus name I implore you to intentionally teach those kids truth. If you don’t know God’s Word, get busy learning it. You will never have another opportunity like this.


If your kids are in the pre-teen to teenage years, remember that it is never too late. Teens are incredibly resilient and forgiving when there is a sincere turning. Make your homes Christ centered.


If your kids are grown and gone, let me remind you that you never really stop parenting. One of our senior adults reminded me of this fact just last week. Your influence is different at this age and it is very important that you develop a friendship with your child that is less about authority and more about shared values.


When kids are young their lives are like little speed boats, they can turn on a dime. As they grow, they become Ocean liners and even they find it difficult and very time consuming to make major changes to their course. Our influence is very much limited as they grow. So please make sure you point them in a right direction while you can. Ask God to send the winds of truth that will make your job easier.