Quotes from John Owen’s Book – On the Mortification of Sin

·        “The choicest believers, who are assuredly freed from the condemning power of sin, ought yet to make it their business all their days to mortify the indwelling power of sin.” (p. 7)

·        “Be killing sin, or it will be killing you.” (p. 9)

·        “Let not that man think that he makes any progress in holy who does not mortify the bellies of his lusts.” (p. 15)

·        “Fasting, memorization, meditation and Bible reading have their place in order… but they are to be looked on as the streams, whereas we look on them as the fountain.” (p. 17)

·        “Mortification of sin by self-strength, carried on by ways of self-discipline, unto the end of self-righteousness, is the soul and substance of all false religion in the world.” (p. 7)

·        “(Much of organized Christianity) is made up of designs and contrivances to pacify conscience without full surrender to Jesus.” (p. 37)

·        “He that changes pride for worldliness, sensuality for Pharisaism, vanity in Himself to the contempt of others, let him not think that he hath mortified the sin that he seems to have left. He hath changed his master, but he is a servant still…Simon the Sorcerer ( Acts 8 ) for a while left his sorcery, but hi covetousness and personal ambition remained still, and simply acted out another way.” (p. 26).

·        “It is to be feared that very many Christians have little knowledge of the main enemy that they carry about with them in their hearts.” (p. 31) (OUCH… sometimes haven’t we just socialized and Christianized our love of money, personal ambition, and love of the praise of men?)

·        “A man may beat down the bitter fruit from an evil tree until he is weary; whilst the root abides in strength and vigour, the beating down of the present fruit will not hinder it from bringing forth more.” (p. 30)

·        “Jesus is the (only) fire that burns up the very root of lust.” (p. 19)