Day 4 Israel – Mt. Carmel, Valley of Jezreal, Caesarea

CaesereaToday we visited the ruins of Herod the Great’s Caesarea by the Sea. Herod built the port so that he would not have to be utterly dependant on the Jews in the Port city of Joppa. His dream became a reality in 12 years when it opened as one of the most elaborate and gorgeous ports in the Middle East. After Herod’s death the following rulers did not maintain control and upkeep of the area as well as Herod. Caesarea fells into the hands of the  Byzantines after the division of the Roman Empire, then to the Muslim Turks who built Mosques in the port. Then the Crusaders took control for a couple of hundred years and built large structures complete with Churches and motes. Archaeologists have in the last 60 years been able to unearth much of the original structures. mountcarmel

We followed Herod’s aquaducts to the foot of Mount Carmel where fresh water supplied the port. We journeyed to the top of Mount Carmel which is where Elijah called fire down from Heaven to prove that Yahweh was the true and living God and to bring the People to repentance for their idolatry. Just down the Mountain we could see the Brook Kishon where the false prophets were killed.

The Mountain provided a perfect view of the Valley which is the future location of the Battle of Armageddon. One can only imagine the alignment of vast armies as they fill this valley and valleyChrist battles Satan and bounds him for 1000 years.