George Whitfield’s Biography

The life of the Rev. George Whitefield,

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I am currently reading the Biography of George Whitfield by Arnold Dallimore. This book was recommended by my Pastor several years ago. I bought the book, but I didn’t follow through in reading it. Recently, I picked it up and started it and it wasn’t long until the grace of God in Whitfield’s ministry spilled over into my own life. My wife has begun reading it with me and often we will read it aloud to each other while traveling. I can’t recommend it strongly enough to those of you who are called into Christian ministry. It will give you a proper perspective by which to gauge your own walk and effectiveness. The book lifts you out of the contemporary scene and focuses your gaze on a time where gimmicks weren’t used to draw crowds, but rather the preaching of the Word was the draw. You will learn how Whitfield dealt with controversy and doctrinal differences between him and the people he loved. You will see how he balanced life and ministry. You will see how powerfully he wielded the Sword of the Lord. God give our generation an army of Whitfields.