Approriate Boundries for Parents to set

I am working on a sermon from Gen. 34 for this weekend at Capshaw. I will highlight the distance between Dinah and her father Jacob. I will use this chapter as a platform to speak to Fathers about protecting their children by establishing proper boundaries at various ages.

Examples of boundaries include:


Toddler Stage

  • Communicate appropriate levels of affection.
  • Know the people you entrust your child to.
  • Be aware of any potential predators
  • Never put young girl in a situation where they will be alone with teen boys.


  • Take responsibility to guard your child from potential exposure to dangerous material online or on TV.
  • Talk openly with your child as they mature. Big questions deserve big answers, small questions need small answers.
  • Make privacy limited, be aware of what is in your home.  
  • Be aware of the material they are given at school. Know your rights in regard to limiting what your child sees or reads at school.

Teen years

  • TALK! Talk openly about questions, concerns, have a lot of long talks.
  • Be careful about allowing sleepovers with friends that you do not know very well. Be sure that the family shares your concerns and convictions before entrusting your child to them.
  • Get to know their friends and their families.
  • Maintain fair but consistent expectations – bedtimes, curfew, ect.
  • Be sure that much time is spent with your family getting to know any potential “dates” your child might have.

These are just a few examples. What would you add to this list?

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