Redeeming the Commute

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Perhaps it was the fact that I came to the knowledge of God’s redemption through Jesus Christ by listening to a radio program that made me an aficionado of the treasures one can acquire over the speakers of the average car stereo. Since that time (1994) I have preferred long and lonely drives where I can listen without distraction to the Bible, a sermon, a book on MP3 or one of my old audiobook CD’s from years gone by. Zig Ziglar once suggested that the knowledge equivalent to a Master’s degree can be obtained in 10 years simply by listening to engaging books on a morning commute.


I want to ask you to consider in the coming days to join me in this habit.


  1. Go and buy or download (via ITunes) a really good, non-fiction, thought-provoking book, preferably something that has outlived it’s author (the best books are by dead guys). Currently, I am listening to – He is There and He is Not Silent by Francis Schaffer.
  2. Commit to listening to the book any time you are in your vehicle rather than music for one week. If you have small children may I suggest that you provide them with an audio book they can enjoy as well. Let them listen over the speakers, you can listen over an MP3 player with ear buds.


After one week, take inventory on how listening to the thought-provoking material has shaped your world view and lifted your perspective on life. I believe you will find it as rewarding as I have, and you will join me in the ultimate commuter school.