God is No Respecter of Persons

Peter announced in Acts 10:34 that he had come to the knowledge of the fact that God is no respecter of persons. This sudden realization had immediate practical implications for his life and his leadership in the Kingdom. We might assume if God is no respecter of persons, that God is neither a respecter of families, or congregations, or denominations. This being evident, there are at least two conclusions for us.

  1. Every Christian (and group of Christians) has a seat at the table of God’s provision and blessing. 
  2. No Christian (or group of Christians) has a monopoly on God’s provision or blessing. 

Knowing this we may boldly approach God’s throne of grace and partake in a buffet of benefits. Knowing this we must do so with a heart void of elitism or pride. We must be prepared to embrace all true believers in Christ as fellow heirs of the promise.

Have you recognized the fact that no believer in modern times or in times past surpasses you in access to divine grace? Lay claim to all that is yours in Christ. But do so humbly, confessing that you surpass no believer in access to grace. Consider yourself a fitting servant to all.