The Power of Presence

1 Thessalonians 2:1 (NASB95) For you yourselves know, brethren, that our coming to you was not in vain,

The bulk of Paul’s writings consists of commentary from previous visits that he had made or future visits he intended to make to the various churches. From these visits Paul developed doctrinal stances, communicated his affection for the believers, reproved them of wrong doing and encouraged them in their walk.

In our age of rapidly developing technology and social media, we must not forget the power of presence. Information can spread like wild fire once it goes viral. Yet even when a post, or video goes viral it is nothing more than words or pictures without a tangible presence attached to it. This blog post, for example, will be read very differently by those who I have never met than it will by those in my own family. Personal interaction aids in the clarity of interpretation. If one wishes to have a broad impact, he or she must develop a broad presence. It is no wonder that Jesus’ first word in His great commission is “Go“.