A Passage from a Spurgeon Sermon

Spurgeon near the end of his life.

Spurgeon near the end of his life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This was taken from what was perhaps one of the best sermons preached by Spurgeon during what is known as the revival period of his ministry (1864). During that time, he preached in the “Crystal Palace” which held over 24,000 people. For the entire text of the sermon go here.


C.H. Spurgeon


“All that the Father gives Me shall come to Me; and him that comes to Me I will in no wise cast out.” John 6:37..


Please notice it. “Him that comes to Me.” Here is no adjective to qualify it—here is no adverb to set out the manner. It is, “him that comes to Me.” That is the point, “to Me.” We must come to Jesus as crucified and bearing our sin. We must come to Christ as pleading before the Throne of God and see the acceptance of our prayers there. It is not coming to Baptism! It is not coming to the Lord’s Supper! It is not coming to the Church. It is not coming to worship—it is coming to Christ! “Him that comes to Me.”


Take heed that you do not come elsewhere—for if you rest short of anything but Christ—you rest short of the promise. But, O Soul, if you build on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. If you touch the hem of His garment. If you look out of self entirely to Him—then rest assured of this—there is no other qualification to your coming but that you come to HIM!


Some come to Christ at once. The very first time they hear the Gospel, they lay hold of it and are saved. They are not cast out. Some are months in coming—they go from strength to strength in this matter and their faith is a thing of long growth. Well, they shall not be cast out!


Some come running! Some come walking! Some come creeping on all fours! Some have to get others to carry them, as that man did who was borne of four! But so long as they do but come, He does not cast them out! Some feel as if all their bones were broken and they can only writhe into His Presence, as it were, wriggle themselves to the Mercy Seat all full of aches, pains, woes, doubts, fears, whispers, distrusts, bad habits and sins. But if they do but come, they shall not be cast out!


One man comes with a long prayer. Another comes with nothing but two words. One comes with many tears. Another could not shed a tear if it would save his soul, but he groans. Another can scarcely groan, but his heart feels as if it would burst. One has intense conviction, another has very little of it. One is shaken over Hell’s mouth, another is attracted by the beauties of the Savior. One has to be thundered at as from the top of Sinai, another is but beckoned and His willing heart runs to Calvary. But, however you come, Sinner, He will not cast you out if you come to Him—that is the point!


Do not waste time questioning what your experience is, or raising the point of how you came or when you came— for here it stands, “him that comes to Me”—not him that comes in this way, or that way, but, “him that comes to Me”!