The Narrow Way


narrowwayWhat is the appeal of the narrow road if it is marked by its strict restrictions?


A friend of mine is one of the top oral surgeons in our state. I remember very well when his life was SO NARROW. Everywhere he went, he studied. For 7 years! But today that narrowness has opened up into amazing broadness. He has options and opportunities that most of us do not have. Why? Because we all know that narrowness is the key to broadness.


Chris, our Worship Director is a fantastic musician. However he didn’t just pick up a guitar and play that way. Countless years, and hours spent practicing. Even today you can’t walk through the office without hearing him going over a part. I’ve heard him go over the same part, a line in a song for and hour or more. Why? Narrow Focus, leads to Broad talent.


Have you met someone who is into one of the new training routines like Insanity or Crossfit? They live the stuff. Why? Because they know if they have a narrow diet and a focused workout routine they can experience a great physique and great health. Narrowness leads to broadness.


The opposite is also true. 


Take the broad road academically – maybe go to class, maybe not. You will never graduate. You will become a boomerang child and land in your parent’s basement. And guess what – life becomes very narrow.


Take the broad road with health, eat anything you see. And you will find that life becomes very narrow. You can’t do what you want. You will slowly be killing yourself with a spoon.


So what’s the point? If all of creation teaches us that narrowness leads to a broadness of experience, why would it be any different in spirituality? 


God hasn’t provided dozens of ways to know Him where you can borrow and create a whole new way if you like. There is one way – Jesus. Focus your faith, narrow your sources and seek Christ and His Kingdom first and you will find that you truly find God and his life opens up to amazing abundance.