Q&A – A Study of 1st Corinthians


This week we launch an 8 week series on First Corinthians. We will deal with some highly controversial and deeply relevant issues that Christians faced in the first century as well as today. First Corinthians is God’s answers to questions floating around the Corinthian Church. Questions like:

  • Does it matter if a Christian sins… a lot?
  • Can I divorce my ungodly spouse?
  • How do we make decisions about gray areas?
  • Can women be preachers?
  • Is it a sin to get drunk on communion wine? (Yes this was a real question.)
  • TBN, Benny Hinn, slain in the spirit, speaking in tongues… is it legit?
  • Is Jesus really coming back?
  • Do I have to give my money to the church?

Series launches this Sunday – Aug. 10th. Invite someone!