Going further, faster with the help of digital ministry

With the help of digital technology, teaching ministry in no longer limited to a weekend experience. Here are a few ways you can fold our teaching into your everyday life:

  1. The Maximum Life Podcast – Features weekly sermons going back to 2012. I recommend the Overcast App for downloading podcasts – https://overcast.fm
  2. Zach Terry YouTube Channel – Features videos from the weekend sermons at Capshaw. Make sure to subscribe with your google account so that you will be updated when new content is added. http://www.youtube.com/zaco76
  3. Instagram – Each week I will post an image or two that reminds you of the main idea from the previous week’s message – instagram.com/zachterry
  4. Twitter – I schedule tweets to go out from the notes of Sunday’s sermon throughout the week. twitter.com/zachterry
  5. Blog – I post to zachterry.org any time new materials come along that will allow you to dig deeper or reinforce what we are learning. It is a great compliment to the podcast and youtube channels.

Those are just a few of the ways you can fold the teaching ministry of Capshaw into your daily life and go further faster.