Principles of Church Growth

Human factors that can cause a Church to grow.

When it comes to church growth, there are four factors primary factors that determine the growth of your church. By church, I am referring to the gathered church, or in other words you weekend attendance. These are the factors that influence the growth of your church gathering. Keep in mind these are s

  1. Attraction – Getting new people to attend.
    • 80% of all people who attend a church and join were invited by a church member.
    • Only 5% of people who regularly attend a church invited someone last year.
    • Many times we try to make up for the lack of invites by financially investing in marketing campaigns, but the return is FAR less and the cost is FAR higher. It is inefficient.
    • Advertising and marketing can be helpful in that it give credibility to our personal invitations – but Marketing is NOT a substitute for personal invites.
  1. Assimilation – Getting those that have attended to return and join.
    • According to Outreach Magazine, 1/10 people who visit your church will end up joining the membership.
    • If you had 100 guest families (avg. 2/week) you will have a net gain of 10 families.
    • You can greatly increase the assimilation rate if you have a system in place.
      • If you can get the families to visit a 2nd time, your attrition rate goes from 1 in 10 to 1 in 4 who join.
      • If you can get them to visit a 3rd time almost half will join.
  1. Attendance Frequency – Getting those who attend you church to come more often.
    • What would happen if everyone who calls FBC home all showed up in one Sunday?
    • When do we see all of them show up at one time? Easter! Easter isn’t so large because of a TON of guests, but rather because the folks who come sporadically all show up at one time.
  1. Attrition – Getting less people leaving your Church.
    • People leave via death, transfer, conflict, etc.
    • We must make sure we guard the backdoor – make it TINY but still existent.