Treasures Both Old and New

Reflections on Luther on the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

Being a minister of the Gospel is a strange endeavor. We are persistently pushing forward as well as backward. We are pushing forward in seeking new and better ways to tell our story (the gospel). Simultaneously, we are pushing backward to make our understanding of the truth more like that of the first century Apostles. No one did that better than Martin Luther.

Luther’s use of technology for the advancement of his message, yet he is remembered precisely for reforming the church to something more akin to its first century expression. Luther ministered just after the advent of the printing press – therefore, he was able to take hold of this technology to disseminate his concepts throughout the world. Concepts that were rooted in the ancient scriptures and convictions of the church. Like the owner of the house Jesus referred to in Matthew 13:52 he brought out treasures both old and new.

On this 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation may God raise up an army of Preachers who both redeem modern technology for Gospel purposes as well as sink their roots deep into the Faith once and for all delivered to the saints.

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