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Pastor Zach Terry

Lead Your Family Well this Holiday Season

Lead well this holiday season. Don’t just cruise through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Be intentional, thoughtful, and strategic. If you allow your heart and mind to cruise through this season, it will be enjoyable but not truly meaningful.  If you are not intentional about

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Trapped in Israel – Our Experience

Our trip to Israel began as most do – we landed in Tel Aviv, were transported to a great hotel in Netanya, and began to settle into the routine of visiting sites and enjoying the culture.  From Netanya, we began to journey North toward the

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Caught in War: A Woman’s Perspective

Caught in War: A Woman’s Perspective By Julie Terry As I sit on a balcony overlooking a beautiful pool in Jordan, all seems calm. Our mealtimes have been filled with multicultural experiences, with people from literally all over the world visiting here, and there is

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A Letter to My Son

Recently, while on a mission trip to Cuba, I wrote a letter to my 20-year-old son. It might be helpful for those of you who are trying to parent well. September 17, 2023 Dear Son,  Back in the horse and buggy days, the roads were

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When it “Clicks” Theologically

The year was 1991; I was fifteen years old. For some reason, I was compelled to learn how to play the guitar that year. I may have been born into a very musical family; my dad was a drummer. His brothers were locally renowned as

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