Leaders go First

Leadership has been described in many different ways. John Maxwell  defined it as, “influence – nothing more, nothing less”. Others have defined leadership as, “one who has followers”. This concept was captured well in the Chinese proverb which said, “He who thinks he leads when no one is following is simply taking a stroll”. These are good definitions of the role the leader. However, how would you define the task of leadership? I think it can best be defined by the phrase – leaders go first. Leadership is not primarily position or title. At it’s essence the leader is someone who will chart the course that others are willing to follow toward a preferable future. The leader sees things that others cannot see and is will to say things that others will not say.

Jesus was the quintessential leader – He was the incarnation of his message. That is why he could make bold statements like, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”. To rightly embrace Christianity is simply to follow Jesus. In other words follow Jesus by faith based on his work (substitutionary death and bodily resurrection) and his person (God in the flesh).

Questions for Consideration:

  • To what degree to you embody the message you are trying to convey?
  • If your followers became like you, would you be able to achieve the goals of your organization?
  • If someone wanted to fully understand your organization, could you tell them that they could get all of the information they need by simply following you?

2015 Family Retreat – Biblical Parenting


I would like to invite you to join us for this year’s Gulf Coast Family Retreat in Laguna Beach, FL,  as we dig deeper on the topic of Biblical Parenting.

  • Total cost is $400 cost includes 1 room for 3 nights and 8 meals.
  • $100 Deposit due at sign up.
  • I will lead a morning and night session on parenting related matters
  • There will be age based sessions for children and students
  • We will be planning fun activities for the afternoon slots for those that want organized time or you can strike out on your on if you like
  • The room includes at least two full beds and two bunk beds so a large family can share a room (only one bath though)
  • Additional nights can be purchased as a reasonable rate for those wanting to stay extra time.

To sign up call 256.232.7763 or email info@capshaw.org