The Leader’s Insight

Leaders see what others cannot see and say what others will not sayIt is imperative that leaders have the ability to face the cold hard facts about the state of their organization.

It has been said that, “optimism without realism is simply a pleasant delusion”.

Facts, even difficult facts, are the leader’s friend. Because, you see, leaders must be gripped with how things could be to such a degree that they can no longer accept things as they are. Unless you can embrace the reality of where you are, you will be unable to accurately chart a course for where you desire to be.

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The Leader’s Passion

Passion is the indispensable quality in a leader.

Passion can enable a leader with inferior gifts, talents, or education to surpass a more qualified leader in fruitfulness.

Passion really is the great difference maker. It is the fuel that causes a leader to try harder, work smarter and do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. It is not surprising that the pinnacle moment in the ministry of Christ, where he pushed through the threat of death to achieve his ultimate mission has historically been called, “the Passion of the Christ”.

Here are four things that can enlarge your capacity for passion.

  1. Passion is born out of burden. If you have ever experienced a soul crushing burden that you could not shake, you need to be aware that the pain of the burden was the birth pangs of passion.The burden becomes the fuel for our passion. Over the long run you will discover that The same thing that burdens your soul, often reveals your destiny.
  2. Success stirs passion. Being clear on what you consider to be a win is vitally important. As you see wins, both large and small you will feel that your passion is not in vain.
  3. Proper rest protects your passion. Passion is distinctly emotional, as such it is a limited resource and it can be drained. Proper rest and recuperation is essential to maintaining the passion that you desire to exhibit.
  4. Strategic relationships charge your passion. We really do become like the people we surround ourselves with. Leaders know that if they are to maintain passion over the long run they must intentionally surround themselves with positive people who exhibit energy and wisdom.

10 Tips for Creating an Incredible Date Night

  1. Guys Lead – It’s primarily the man’s job to pursue and initiate romance with the wife. Men remember leaders go first – so you take the initiative when it comes to date nights.
  2. Set a budget – 
    1. Include babysitter that you wife can be confident in. Remember, stress kills romance. Do all you can to alleviate stress on your date night.
    2. Don’t over tax the budget. Date night do not have to be fancy, simplicity can be very romantic.
  3. Consider an atmosphere conducive to conversation
  4. Consider the food – Avoid heavy foods, or else you will get drowsy half way through the date.
  5. Plan an activity – Men build relationships through activities. It may just be a walk in the park, but take the time to plan an activity where the two of you are accomplishing something together.
  6. Consider who participates – don’t always double date. Double dates can be fun, but limit them to once every five weeks or so.
  7. Define a win – It’s help if you both have some idea of what you are trying to achieve. For example, is this night supposed to be relaxing, exciting, productive, etc?
  8. Give your date enough info to prepare but no too much, anticipation is your friend
  9. Set boundaries together – what can we talk about? We make it a rule not to discuss certain topics that tend to stress us out. You have to define what those are to you, but doing so can save a ton of stress on a date.
  10. Make it regular – Set a regular night on your calendar that is your date night. Looking forward to that night is half the fun!