The Prosperity Gospel that Christians DO Believe

The Prosperity Gospel that Christians DO Believe


Proverbs 12:2 (ESV)

2 A good man obtains favor from the Lord, but a man of evil devices he condemns.

This is a general Proverbial truth. It is not a social contract that ensures that goodness will always produce favor, at least in the short run. In the short run, the fact is – God doesn’t at times favor his children for their obedience. Adherence to biblical principles does payoff. But not in the sense that many in the Prosperity Gospel movement teach. There are no guarantees in scripture that God is legally bound to bless you financially for your financial obedience. Generally, it does seem to happen more often than not – but it not a guarantee. We should never seek God for the gift. We seek God for God. Whatever short term benefit of material prosperity arises, is just that – short term. God’s greatest material blessing will one day perish.

Beyond that, Jesus was the epitome of “good” but in the short run he was mistreated, misunderstood, and ultimately murdered. In the long run, however, He experienced the unbridled, undiluted favor of God in every practical sense.

I think of it this way – in the LONG TERM…we all believe a prosperity Gospel. The problem comes when we try to cash out early.

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