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The Mission of Maximum Life

"To change the World, we must first change the individual"

The Mission

Maximum Life exists to shape worldviews and daily walks with Christ, through the engaging exposition of God’s Word.

Growing up, I spent hours helping my mother put puzzles together. We would start by emptying all of the pieces onto a table. Then, we would ensure each piece was facing up to see the colors.  From there, we would locate the corners and edges, constantly referring back to the top of the box to know what the end result should look like.  

Life can be puzzling at times, especially without the proper guidance. Between our fallen world, the constant attacks of our enemy, and our struggles with sin, it's not always easy to know how to get together. Beyond that, there is an evident world system with an agenda that is very different from the one God has called us to.  When we follow the world's agenda, we find ourselves referring to the wrong box top.

At Maximum Life, we want to help. Through biblical teaching, books, and resources, we seek to assist you in knowing how to put the puzzle of life together in a way that is both logical and beautiful.

When lives are "put together" in accordance with God's design, the world changes. To change the world, we must first change the individual. 
Pastor Zach and Julie Terry

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