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This Summer at FBFirst

There is no better place to be in the Summer Months than our sandy piece of land here in North Florida, particularly for those of you who call FBFirst home. Throughout the Summer, we will reach new souls for Christ and celebrate our deeply held values.

Vacation Bible School is a cornerstone event on our Church calendar at FBFirst. We believe that as soon as a person comprehends that they are a sinner in need of a Savior, it is our collective responsibility to present the good news of Christ to them in a way that is both simple and compelling. Your participation in VBS this year and your encouragement for the young people in your circle of influence to take part are crucial to this mission.

Mark your calendars for July 7th, our Annual Christian Heritage Celebration. This is not just another event, but a powerful testament to our deeply Patriotic values and our faith in Jesus Christ. Until the day when Jesus Christ will visibly rule and reign on the throne of David forever and ever, we see it as our duty to leverage as much Christian influence on our local, state, and national government as possible. Every single law has a moral component to it. Convictionally, we believe, our nation was birthed amidst a glorious Christian consensus and that the truth of God’s Word influenced much of the nation’s founding. We want to see that influence revived. That is why we celebrate the Christian Heritage of our Nation. Your presence at this significant event is highly encouraged.

This year, we are thrilled to introduce a new addition to our celebration, the Christian Heritage Parade (June 29th). This parade is not about us but about championing the name of Jesus Christ through the heart of our city. It’s a celebration of our faith and a testament to our unity as a community around Christian ideals. If you have a business, consider sponsoring the event or entering a float. We certainly encourage everyone, regardless of their affiliation, to come out and celebrate with us! Let's make this parade a true reflection of our community’s love for Jesus Christ.

Zach Terry

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