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Vision Trip to Cuzco, Peru

Ruins at Macchu Picchu, Peru
When Zach and I were invited to be a part of a Presidential Vision Trip with One More Child of Florida to Cusco, Peru, we both couldn’t wait to say yes! We can’t help but be encouraged and sharpened by President Jerry Haag and his amazing wife, Christi, and to meet the people and see the sights of Peru together has also been a dream of ours, so this trip was a great fit for us!
There were so many highlights of our trip- the first was a day of travel to Macchu Picchu, one of the seven modern wonders of the world! Beginning our day at 3 am in Cusco, we left our hotel and saw a large group of people celebrating and dancing in brightly colored clothes, still enjoying a festival that had begun the evening before. In each town we traveled through on the way to the train station, there were local people walking everywhere, and train station coffee and souvenir shops were open as early as 5 am!
Our guide, Jacob,  explaining the history of Macchu Picchu, Peru
The city of Macchu Picchu, Peru was never discovered by Spanish explorers. At least 5 generations built and lived in this city.
Alpacas and llamas are right at home in the mountains of Macchu Picchu, Peru.
Our second highlight was a day filled with ministering, listening, and encouraging at a ministry called Youths with Purpose (in Spanish, “Jovenes con Proposito”, https://jcpministries.org) that provides room and board, academic and spiritual training, life skills, and a community for teens/young adults who have aged out of orphanages, ages 18-22. This allows the young people to get an education or trade training, as well as develop relationships with peers and mentors that become like family for them. God has even opened the door for them to purchase a restaurant that some of the students can apply to and work at!
A group of local pastors gathered together, and Zach got to preach a message to them about our adoption as sons into God’s family, and the necessity of Christians to care for orphans in their communities. We also chatted and prayed with many of them afterward, as well as spending time with the staff and the students of Juvenes con Proposito. There were some delightful young people with hearts for God and loads of potential!
Our final full day in Peru, our group spent the morning with various government officials in the city of Cusco, learning about the needs and issues of vulnerable children in the area, and how One More Child could potentially partner and be of help. It was awesome to hear how One More Child has such a great reputation for being the best in child welfare, that they are usually welcomed to teach in the name of Jesus as long as they will be involved! They have a testimony of doing their work “as unto the Lord” and being blessed as a result!
The city of Cusco, Peru is a beautiful place with a rich history, loving people, and breathtaking mountain views. We look forward to hearing how God continues to build His church in Cuzco and beyond!

Julie Terry

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